About the Blog


this blog was originally created as an experiment on blog publishing. It was started somewhere in 2008 and it became public only on 2009.

Its first publications were research material about blogging and some news on science that were reject from other blogs managed by myself. Only later the blog became a fully independent and mainstream platform for science and technology texts.

For some time the themes varied a lot, from biology to politics. From 2015 and on the blog became fully dedicated to science – mostly about biology, geology and some engineering. It also became a bilingual blog since now I am publishing on both English and Brazilian Portuguese. The other themes now have their own blogs!

  • Viva o Linux: I am a contributor to this community driven blog about Linux and OpenSource software. This published in Brazilian Portuguese only.
  • Medium: I am starting this new blog on a new platform about project management. This one will be bilingual, with publications on English and Brazilian Portuguese.

I have plans for Deutsch versions as well ;)

I hope you all like it and you need some thing just ring me. Bis bald.

See ya,


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